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    SPECIAL CHECKOUT OFFER: 6 Disc Subscription (Every 90 Days) - Quarterly

    This product will arrive quarterly until your change or cancel your subscription. 

    Get 6 Discs every 90 days (2 per month) to keep your children growing in the Word of God. Click the Guide to learn more about the quarterly subscription in collecting more Bible verses to deepen your child's knowledge of God's Word. 

    Glorilight is a HD night light with interchangeable discs that projects Bible verses to help children live by the truth of God’s Word.

    GloriLight Projector Starter set sold separately- Projector is not included in the Guide Subscription. 

    You can modify or cancel your subscription at anytime. Delivery once per quarter or every 90 days. $18.00 billed every 90 days. ($6.65/month or $3.32 per disc). 

    God gave us His word to consume and live by. The six Bible verse discs are designed to be consumed and lived out. Each disc will start to fade after consistent exposure to light. Be sure to use the timer function to extend the life of your discs.

    Product Features

    ◾ Projects the life-transforming word of God!

    ◾ Assists your child in memorization of Scripture.

    ◾ Interchangeable verses with images are continually available.

    ◾ HD image display with focus.

    ◾ Each verse comes with a short video online.

    ◾ Timer function automatically shuts nightlight off at 1 hour.