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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Until Jesus Comes home, or we will replace it. Your GloriLight nightlight comes with a lifetime warranty. Individual discs are not covered under the warranty. Click here for information on the Warranty.

    Each cartridge lens has an estimated lifespan of 360 hours. Exposure to consistent light will cause the image to fade over time. Use the timer function to increase lens longevity.

    Yes, there are three options. Short press the 3rd button to switch the side projection on or off and change the color effect. Long press the 3rd button to adjust the brightness to high, medium or low.

    Simply click this link to manage your subscription: Here

    Three colors(white, blue, yellow) are available in the side lamp dome. You can also choose to run all three at the same time to cause a twinkling effect.

    The timer is fixed to turn off in one hour. Long press the 4th button to set the timer function to automatically turn off. The green light indicator reflects that the timer is active.

    Yes, avoid looking directly into the projection light as this may cause eye damage.

    No, the light and the cartridges make no definable sound.

    Yes, we offer a Lifetime or until Jesus comes home warranty on the light. The individual discs are not under warranty and non-refundable.

    Yes, please click here to shop around.

    The GloriLight comes with a Power-C to USB adapter. Any USB wall plug will work.

    Yes, if you choose to not display the images onto the ceiling, the GloriLight can become a desktop nightlight. Simply press the 2nd button to turn on and off the projection light.

    Type C Power supply cord via USB. DC/5V/1A

    This depends on your ceiling height. The further away, the larger the image display. A standard 9 foot ceiling will display an image approximately 6.5 feet in diameter.

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