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    Donate A Glorilight To Foster Care | Give A Projector + FREE 6 Disc Bible Verse Starter Set LP

    Feeling called to share God's word and GloriLight?  We have partnered with 2 great organizations to help send GloriLights to children in Foster Care living situations all across the US.  We have 2 options for you to gift Glorilight to partner foster-care organizations.

    Two options:

    1. Donate a GloriLight

    2. Purchase bulk GloriLight donations and we will have our partners distribute the lights.   

    GloriLight is an HD night-light with interchangeable discs that project Bible verses to help children live by the truth of God’s Word. Easy to use, noise free, multiple display modes optional. HD realistic Bible Verse projector. Easy for kids to use. 

    Product Features

    ◾ Projects the life-transforming word of God!

    ◾ Assists your child in memorization of Scripture.

    ◾ Interchangeable verses with images are continually available.

    ◾ HD image display with focus.

    ◾ Each verse comes with a short video online.

    ◾ Timer function automatically shuts nightlight off at 1 hour.